QD110 Optical Encoder


Quantum Devices, Inc. Model QD110 is designed to provide high resolution digital feedback in an industrial standard size 11 mounting format. Quadrature with reference pulse output format, resolutions up to 2048 lines per revolution (direct read) and a variety of electrical options are easily capable of satisfying the most demanding feedback application. The QD110 provides the user digital position information, directly from the feedback device, without the external R to D converters that are typically used with resolver feedback. Converting from size 11 resolver to encoder feedback is easily accomplished with the QD110 without the need for costly mounting modification to existing designs. QDI's unique optical sensing system embodies a much simplified encoder design, which ultimately results in longer service life and less down time due to feedback device failure. A nickel coated carbon fiber composite housing provides the EMI shielding of an all-metal housing and the high performance of a lightweight assembly. Electrical Specifications Input Voltage 5 VDC +/- 5% or 5-26 VDC Input Current Requirements 80 mA Max. Output Option 01 &02, 35mA Max Output Option 03; Plus interface Loads Input Ripple 2% Peak to Peak @ 5 VDC Output Circuits AM26LS31 RS 422A line driver TTL Output OL7272 Line Driver Output Format Quadrature with A leading B for CW Rotation. Index centered over A Frequency Response 200 kHz Symmetry 180 Degrees +/- 10% Minimum Edge Separation 54 Electrical degrees max Environmental Specifications Storage Temperature -40 to 125oC Operating Temperature 0 to 70oC Typical -20 to 100oC Optional Humidity 98% Non-Condensing Vibration 20 g's @ 50 to 500 CPS Shock 50 g's @ 11 mS Duration Mechanical Specifications Maximum Shaft Speed 8000 RPM Shaft Diameter 0.125" Shaft Material Stainless Steel Bearings Radial Ball Bearing, R2 type Radial Shaft Load 2 lbs. Maximum Axial Shaft Load 1 lbs. Maximum Housing Carbon Fiber Composite (case grounded via connector) Housing Volume Resistivity 10-2 ohm-cm Termination Two Rows of 5 Pins on 0.100" Centers 8" Ten Conductor Ribbon Cable wi 2x5 connector Mounting Servo Moment of Inertia 9.5x10-6 oz-in-sec2 Acceleration 1x105 Radians per Second2
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