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Reduces the potential for component rework and scrap and minimises machine downtime; reducing your production costs - QC10 ballbar allows you to manage your CNC machine tools effectively by determining a machine tool's capabilities before machining and subsequent post-process part inspection .
Increases your knowledge of your machine / manufacturing capabilities - Use the right machine for the job - assign specific toleranced jobs to machines capable of holding these tolerances, ensuring that the machine is fit for the required purpose. Enables targeted maintenance - Ballbar 5 software ranks each diagnosed error according to its impact on overall machine accuracy. You can clearly see what is causing the problem and, using the simulator, evaluate possible remedies. If maintenance do need to be called, you have all the information to pinpoint the problem and minimise downtime.

Enables scheduled maintenance -With regular testing and using the built-in "History" feature you can even identify potential problems before they become critical and schedule maintenance to suit your schedules.